“Prerogative of Gods” – a New Short Story Available at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

I wrote a short story (yay!), and now it’s published at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (double yay!), and you can read and/or listen to it for free (even more yays!).

Here’s HFQ’s succinct blurb:

“Prerogative of Gods” – A servant of the God of Justice learns that the boundary between justice and revenge can be thin indeed. Audio version read by Karen Bovenmeyer.

Please take a minute to check it out. Of course, I’m excited to see my writing shared again, and I’m especially excited to hear the lovely voice and delivery of Karen Bovenmeyer narrate the whole thing for the audio version as well!

And while you’re there, definitely read some of the other great work in their archives and from their current issue, including the beautiful “The Bells of Bel-Hazir” by Michelle Muenzler.