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Out of the Fire:

dfw-ng-ootf1-cover-largeOut of the Fire
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After magic floods into the world, bringing with it unimaginable power, ex-rock star Tucker Ambrus and firefighter Andrew Byrne’s city is nearly destroyed by a devastating storm of fire.

Tomahawk and Saber Series:

Language_of_the_Bear_cover– Language of the Bear
(Tomahawk and Saber, Book 1)
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In the hostile wilderness of Colonial America, a young Native American warrior and a British officer are forced into a secret assassination mission.


Through the Narrows

– Through the Narrows
(Tomahawk and Saber, Book 2)
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Wolf Tongue of the Susquehannock and Lieutenant Hugh Pyke of the British Army barely survived their first mission together. Now with the French and Indian War beginning to flame around them, the frontier of the Pennsylvania Colony is restless.

A Selected List of Short Stories:

“A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Terribleness of Youth Sports” – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Prerogative of Gods” – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

– “Where the Authority Lies” – Gigantic Sequins

“The Slut Buck” – Apiary Magazine

“Pretty Don’t” – originally published in Fractured West

– “Saturation” – Disingenuous Voices

– “Sandscapes” – Glassworks

– “The Engine Room” – 322 Review

– “Man Runs, Raven Flies” – New Myths

– “Prison Darkness” – Lost Innocence: A Niteblade Anthology